I'm passionate at what I do. I'm a resourceful and driven design content developer lives and breathes the process of design. Simply put; my profession is also my hobby. I never stop trying to learn new innovative ways to translate the clients vision to print or motion. I posses an excellent ability to communicate effectively with both peers AND clients; whatever it takes to satisfy the client.

Current Professional Interests: Video editing + composition, HTML5+CSS3 programing.
Current Employment Status: Designer (full time) for ARC Document Solutions

I have been working with the primary design tools for over 20 years.

Motionographer +Presentations

ARC Document Solutions

Period: 2008 - Present
Job type: Full-Time

  1. Plan, shoot and edit product and customer success videos for company products and services. Manage ARC's official video channels on Youtube, Vimeo and ARCtv.
  2. Create, update and maintain customer and product Powerpoint presentations.
  3. Instrumental in establishing and maintaining a cohesive social media presence.

Design, Presentations & Proposals

General Dynamics: Advanced Information Systems

Period: 2006 - 2007
Job type: Full-Time

  1. Government Proposal formatting and print
  2. Executive presentations development
  3. Event, passport and I.D. photography
  4. Posters and laminate creatiion

Infographics & Presentations


Period: 2001 - 2003
Job type: Contractor

  1. Executive presentation support
  2. Icon and info graphic design
  3. Internal document custom creation
  4. Event collateral design

Graphic, Web and Presentations


Period: 2001 - 2003
Job type: Full-Time

  1. Executive presentation design
  2. Company rebranding team

Presentation Specialist


Period: 2001 - 2003
Job type: Contract to Full-Time

  1. Recruited by the VP of Marketing to help rebrand the company's web sites and presentations, in preparation for IPO.
  2. Help refresh company intranet site, focused on delivering content to the sales team.

San Jose State University
Bachelor of Arts: Radio, Television and Film.

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Music Production

Digital Mixologist (DJ)

Writing + Poetry

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